The Lumineers - Ride or Cry
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It doesn’t hurt to be a fan of the artists you work with. The Lumineers are a perfect example of that. We worked closely with the band to create and push content through social channels that led up to the release of their #1 album, Cleopatra.


“This time around we really worked with our social media team, Ride Or Cry, to dive into each social media platform individually. Rather than posting the same content on every platform, we found that if we focused on what each network did well, our posts were much more effective. Facebook is great for video content, gifs and longer form descriptions; every Friday we posted a song that inspired the band and wrote a paragraph or two about it (not something you could get away with on Twitter.) Instagram needs to be “artsy” and graphics need to be engaging. Twitter is short and snarky- we communicate (by replying) with our fans a ton on Twitter.” – Grant Hathaway, The Lumineers

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