Josh Madden

November 21, 2019

Josh Madden stopped by to chat with Babs and Morgan about his multi-faceted career as a DJ, producer, stylist, and writer. They dive into being a diviner in entertainment, defining success, and setting the way for young creatives.


Suzy Shinn

November 8, 2019

T.J. sits down with his long time friend Suzy Shinn. Suzy is a producer and engineer who has worked with bands like Panic! at The Disco, Weezer, Fall Out Boy and more. T.J. and Suzy talk about what it takes to break into the music industry , dropping out of college, and how to stay afloat in Los Angeles while chasing your dreams.



October 24, 2019

Gnash came by so we could argue about whether pizza or bagels are harder to digest and also to chat about his latest song “forgive,” the importance of taking time for yourself, and how he goes about creating a positive environment at his shows.


Ashley Osborn

October 10, 2019

Babs chatted with Ashley Osborn about her amazing career in photography, how to take care of your mental heath and maintain a routine while touring, and how to own your insecurities in a world that’s constantly trying to use them against you.


Pretty Puke

September 27, 2019

Morgan sits down with our friend Pretty Puke to discuss humble but chaotic beginnings, the creative process in defining your style, how the bmth tour paved the way for newer artistic tour freedom and growing up.