Lindsey Byrnes

February 20, 2020

One of our favorite photogs & creative director Lindsey Byrnes came by the office to chat with our gals, Caro and Taylor. They get into Lindsey’s career, their love for music festivals, and eventually plan to ride rollercoasters together.


Coolman Coffeedan

February 6, 2020

Morgan and Coolman Coffeedan, animator and ex-esteemed domino YouTuber, take on the pod. They talk childhood nostalgia, piss, the fever dream that is the airport, and piss again.


Sonny Side Up

December 5, 2019

Sonny Side Up comes by the office to discuss the important things in life with Morgan: different methods of dabbing, the creation of memes, how music ages, and Kanye’s scheme to secure the presidency.


Josh Madden

November 21, 2019

Josh Madden stopped by to chat with Babs and Morgan about his multi-faceted career as a DJ, producer, stylist, and writer. They dive into being a diviner in entertainment, defining success, and setting the way for young creatives.


Suzy Shinn

November 8, 2019

T.J. sits down with his long time friend Suzy Shinn. Suzy is a producer and engineer who has worked with bands like Panic! at The Disco, Weezer, Fall Out Boy and more. T.J. and Suzy talk about what it takes to break into the music industry , dropping out of college, and how to stay afloat in Los Angeles while chasing your dreams.